Oct 03 2012

Telecommunications Industry


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Speaker: The Honourable Andrew Scheer


Telecommunications Industry


Mr. Mike Sullivan (York South—Weston, NDP):


Mr. Speaker, cell phone theft is a serious problem in my riding and across Canada. It especially affects high school kids who are being violently mugged for their mobile devices. There is a simple solution to this crime: make stolen cell phones useless and force cell phone companies to refuse to activate phones that are reported stolen. The CRTC already has the power to do this.


Will the government get smart on crime and direct the CRTC to take action?


Hon. Christian Paradis (Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture), CPC):


Mr. Speaker, Industry Canada has standards and policies in place that must be adhered to. This is done in co-operation with the municipalities and other stakeholders. For every action that is taken with respect to installing new towers, we ensure that we are protecting Canadians’ health and safety.


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